So you're a reasonably successful local dentist in Dallas with a practice in Lakewood and a nice home in the same area and you think to yourself “I think I'll head down to Mexico and have some margaritas and some dancing and maybe I'll have a little sex with boys. I know there's this whole innocent until proven guilty thing but when you're nabbed in San Diego by the FBI, things tend to look grim. How messed up to you have to be to recklessly jeopardize your whole career for sex with minors? Or maybe this is a case of “I'm too smart and powerful to ever get caught.” Either way, what a disaster this must be for his family. What a gruesomely selfish thing to do.

On the upside, some really prime real estate near Lakewood Country Club is about to open up, if you're thinking about starting a new business.

UPDATE: More information here and apparently, the dentistry office will remain open once they find a replacement for the good doctor.