Art Censorship

Perhaps the biggest problem with the flap over the Danish comics is the American media’s fairly consistent refusal to run the comics so that readers can make up their own minds on the facts. The reason given is typically something to do with offensive art, don’t want to offend Muslims, blah blah blah. However, it never seemed to be a problem for these news outlets to run offensive artwork depicting Christian icons. It’s this hypocrisy that is so glaring, hypocrisy created by the fact that Christians are unlikely to take to the streets in an attempt to burn embassies.

Apparently, this is even happening in local art scenes, most recently in Seattle where a local artist found his piece of artwork removed from a show because it might be incendiary to Muslims while other artwork clearly designed to be offensive to Christans (a naked Virgin Mary, anyone?) was allowed to be displayed. This hypocrisy in all its forms is sickening and can only lead people to trust the media less and less as these events continue to occur.

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