Random Searcher Visit

I got my first random search from a search engine today, one from England looking for “fat people photo”. While this is exciting (the search engines are starting to crawl my site), it’s also depressing as I was shooting for a more appealing hit involving Lindsey Lohan naked. “Fat people photo” makes me seem so craven, depraved and cynical.

Mmmm I love irony for breakfast, it tastes so coppery.

0 comments on “Random Searcher Visit

  1. wow, i wish i could get the types of hits that having hot naked lindsay lohan pictures on my site would get me! i mean, hot naked lindsay lohan pictures would certainly bump my numbers up. especially if the hot naked lindsay lohan pictures involved girl on girl action, right?

    oh well. i don’t have any hot naked lindsay lohan pictures, and i guess you don’t either. c’est la vie.


  2. well, be glad it wasn’t something like “fat cats in heat” or “pictures of “fat cats in heat with fat people” or “fat people in heat” right?


  3. Thank you Katy, the search engines have found me. “Naked pictures of Lindsey Lohan” is rapidly becoming my biggest referral. Such fun.

    And Revi, don’t even start trying to hijack my blog for the perverts. Everyone knows no one searches for fat cats in heat with fat people.

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