Microsoft Does IPod Packaging

Ok this is all over the web today but far be it from me to not post something everyone else has already seen. It’s pretty damn funny but (there’s always a but) I think Apple goes way too far in the “Don’t you worry, we’ve got everything covered” bit. I like to read stuff on packages, especially if I’m going to drop $300 on what’s in the box. I don’t want to see a picture of the product and Bono not using it.

That said, it’s pretty damn funny and typical Microsoft type stuff.

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  1. i LOVE to see a picture of the product and Bono not using it!

    oh hell, i love to see Bono, period. 🙂

    i actually also think that a product’s package design says a LOT about the quality of the item, be it a computer or deodorant. like i told your lovely wife about the business card question, a less than stellar package or presentation won’t necessarily make me not use the product or service, but i’m certainly going to keep in mind the fact that company is not that concerned about presentation — something that can affect a lot of things about their product or service.

  2. i’ll get off my design snob soapbox now 😉

  3. Well, I agree that the package says a lot but it can say a lot in different ways. I would argue that the Ipod package says “Design is important to us, more important than telling you anything about the product.” Now granted, Apple’s take on this is probably that people who pick up an Ipod box probably are just doing it to take it to the cash register and they’ve long since made up their mind to buy one. However, I think the Ipod package design is one extreme on the continuum.

    Presentation is important but presentation with no product is just so much vaporware.

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