National Gun Database Has Troubles in Britain

Apparently, Great Britain is having trouble implementing their national gun database of all people who have a license in the country. Apparently, Tony Blair promised the parents of the children killed at the Dunblane massacre 10 years ago that a register would be put in place. Of course, if the offender had been registered, how would that have stopped him from flipping out and killing a bunch of children?

The only thing a register is good for is eventual government confiscation. It can do no more good than the registration of automobiles does when someone gets drunk and plows into a family of 15. Why the British don’t get this, I’ll never understand.

For other more local gun news, Jeff has his weekly check on the media bias regarding firearms and the 2nd Amendment up.

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  1. it is just so they know who is armed when the end of the world human hunt comes. can’t have people firing back, you know.


  2. omg, it says i’m revo. i’m crushed.

  3. Haha, you could be the new Devo.

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