My Alter Ego. . .

is dying to get out. Either that, or it is becoming much too hard to think up ideas to write about on my own. Either way, I have a proposal for my humble readers along the lines of that Tyler Cowen is doing over at Marginal Revolution. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to suggest a subject in the comments opposite to what you think I actually believe. I’ll write a post defending that position. Same rules apply, i.e. I have to actually have a point of view on the subject (RC is better than Diet Slice obviously wouldn’t work since I could care less about either) and the subject can’t be disgusting or repugnant.

My alter ego’s name is Scooter so he’ll actually be doing the writing. First comment with a viable point of view or subject wins, since I only have three regular readers anyway. Assuming this works, we may try it out on a more regular basis.

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  1. wow, I really like most of the suggestions already posted on your link’s comments. But here’s my first one: vegetarianism. (and considering your source for ‘Scooter’, I think that’s kinda funny)

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