We’ve been very short on rain in the last 12-18 months but apparently, Mother Nature is trying to catch up all in one weekend. It’s pretty much been raining non-stop since Friday night here and though the paper said DFW airport only got .64 inches yesterday, you can see from the pictures here that we’ve gotten a great deal more than that. Our garden is under water, the creek is flooding and our rain gauge, which holds 6 inches, is full.

We’re thinking about building an ark, just in case.

UPDATE: The ark thing was a joke but we can now, 20 minutes later, see the creek from our house. It’s running about 10-15 feet high and is probably another 10 feet from making an appearance in our backyard. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.

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  1. Yep. See my slideshow about it (http://people.smu.edu/katy/weblog/2006/03/get-cats-and-board-ark.html). It’s craaaaazy rain. It had let up for an hour or two, but now I can hear it starting again.

    I just got a call from my boss. Our office, which is in the basement of our building, is flooded. All our computers are on the floor under our desks!! I guess tomorrow is going to be damage control day.

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