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  1. Anything to make divorce easier, I guess. Yay! Is there a second edition coming out for custody battles? Whee!

  2. Well, I don’t think it makes it any easier, only that it might make it more civil in the long run. Game Theory deals with the trade-offs related to decisions made. Because the splitting of property is one of the biggest contention points (custody being another), by applying an economic theory to the process, I think you’d see better results. Instead of just trying to split the property down the middle (a seemingly ridiculous idea), giving something to one person results in trade-offs for things they might have wanted later.

    I find it kind of interesting and would be interested in seeing results of using the software.

  3. Well, ok, yeah, I’ll agree that it’s interesting. And might just be helpful for those who are undergoing a fairly civil divorce. so maybe that’s a good thing there.. But I’m guessing it wouldn’t (couldn’t?) account for those proceedings which decompose to pettiness and emotional blackmail.

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