Random Thoughts on Bathroom Behavior

Hey Mister Co-Worker, is it really necessary to flush a perfectly clean urinal BEFORE you even go? What is it that you think you are achieving, exactly? All I can see is that you are achieving my own confirmation that you are weird. There is zero reason for that plus it wastes water. And Mr. Other-Co-Worker, is it really necessary to flush the urinal 3 times while going pee-pee? You waste three times as much water as our other co-worker, plus you just annoy the hell out of me. A mercy flush is one thing, especially after you had that super-hot chili cheese burger from Balls but please, for the love of God, stop with the multiple urinal flushes.

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  1. And since I’ve commented so much on the U93 entry, I thought I’d be fair. 🙂 Here’s my rant:

    HEY, Miss Thang-who-can’t-turn-off-the-phone-even-for-a-second, do you mind if I pee? Now? While You’re Talking To Someone On The Phone?? Gee, thanks. > Sorry if I’m interrupting your conversation. > Did anyone ever tell you you’re really classy? No? Huh. >

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