Fear and Loathing in Bluegrass Music

You may think you’ve seen frightening things on the Internet, you may even think yourself immune to the terrifying things found on the web. But nothing, nay nothing, has prepared you for what quite possibly could be the most degrading thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet. Trust me, it’s completely safe but your sanity isn’t.

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  1. Oh… oh no. NOOOOOO no no no.

    Poor Diamond Dave. That is about the saddest thing I’ve seen in a long time. And a disgrace to bluegrass, to boot.

    I read the comments on that page, and one of them states that he now works as a paramedic. Sweet fancy Moses, I would not want David Lee Roth responding to my emergency. Think: CPR.

    Or — he responds to a situation where someone is on a window ledge preparing to fall to their death. Could he possibly resist the temptation to say “Might as well jump”?

    Kids, let this be a lesson to you: this is where hairspray, spandex pants, and too many drugs eventually leads you.

  2. Thanks, now I have to clean the coffee from my screen. “Might as well jump” quite possibly could be the funniest thing I could ever hear when related to the words “David Lee Roth is a paramedic.”

    Funny thing is, it looks like they are actually serious about this bluegrass thing. They’ve recorded several songs, they look bluegrass-y, hell he even kind of moves around the stage like other bluegrass artists I’ve seen (read: something akin to a Southern Potato farmer).

    Much like Michael Jordan, some people just don’t know when to hang it up.

  3. I, being a fan of bluegrass, actually thought the song was fun. Seems like a pretty good band, too. Except for that reconstituted old coot in the front with the bizarre explosive singing disorder.

    Yes, dear Kate, he is a paramedic in NYC. (that was a hil-fuckin-arious comment, btw) Left that most respectable of professions to try his oversized mug at replacing Howard Stern on network radio. I believe he lasted two months and has apparently gone on to do what any self-disrespecting washup does: Try again in the worst way possible while taking as many people down with him as possible.

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