0 comments on “Coolest Use of a Treadmill Ever

  1. I can’t get the movie to play 🙁

  2. That is freakin’ awesome!!! I watched it like 4 times already. My head was spinning. Did you notice how it was all done in one take? Imagine the choreography involved! Imagine how much practice they did! Imagine how many takes they had to do! Imagine the various injuries received during practice, such as blisters and body parts sucked under the moving belt!

  3. yeah, it was pretty awesome though I’d have no idea how you knew it was done in one take. I loved the ice skating move best.

  4. The ice skating move was my favorite too. It was all done in one take because the camera angle never changes, and the musicians never completely leave the shot; it’s continuous action. I’m sure they had to do it a couple dozen times to get the one take where they did (almost) everything right, but it was undoubtedly shot start to finish all at once.

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