Much Ado About Nothing

I don’t have much to say but figured I’d do something for those 2 people who read my blog and could care less about the Masters 2007 live blog.  So I’m choosing the greatness that is Akismet, the web service that is a spam filter for commets.  This blog gets about 5-7 visitors a day currently but I get 40-50 spam comments a week.  Before Akismet, I’d spend a decent chunk of my time going through and closing old posts to comments and trackbacks.  Now, I can just log in and delete the ones that Akismet catches which is about 99.9% of them.

WordPress has an Akismet plug-in built in which is greatness.  If you’re not using WordPress, I think you can go to that site and download it for your blog software.  I highly recommend it as it mitigates the need for captchas, the parts of comments where you type Klingon to verify that you’re human.  Or something like that.

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