Personal Responsibility Hits a New Low

Josh Hancock’s dad is suing the restaurant that served his son the alcohol before he got in the car and rear-ended a tow truck. He’s also suing the tow truck driver and the driver of the stalled truck the tow truck was helping. It’s important to note that Josh Hancock had a blood alcohol content almost twice the legal limit, he was driving without a seat belt while talking on his cell phone and they found marijuana in his car.

Forgive me if I find this apparent gold-digging disgusting. If I ever kill myself after ingesting alcohol for 3 hours and any member of my family tries to sue the people who facilitated me (not to mention the people unfortunate enough to be in my way while not wearing a seatbelt and talking on a cell phone with a joint), I swear I will come back and haunt you till your dying day. I am responsible for my own choices and if I choose to get smashed, drive fast with no seat belt on while I talk on a cell phone and smoke a joint, you can just say good riddance and thanks for cleaning out the gene pool.

When did it become ok to blame everyone else for your own (or your son’s own) stupidity?

In other “athletes are idiots” news, Clinton Portis said Michael Vick is getting railroaded (even though no charges have been filed) and that if he wanted to fight his dog on his property, it’s his business apparently neglecting the fact that it’s a damn felony. The NFL and the tastelessly named Washington Redskins immediately started issuing apologies. I’ve always maintained it helps to be stupid to achieve your potential in sports because it allows you to focus on only one thing. I just wish the athletes would stop proving me wrong.

Google’s New Motto

Do No Evil (unless we can make lots of money doing evil). Currently, the zeitgeist in computer makers is that they, not those of us that buy the damn things, own the computer. It comes loaded with crap designed to either steer you down a direction you don’t need (Hello AOL!) or designed to be borderline spyware like the Google stuff above.

You can’t buy a car that drives you to a Shell station when you need gas and you shouldn’t be able to buy a computer from Dell that directs you to ad pages by Google. When you buy a product, it’s yours and you should have all the power in making decisions regarding that product. Google has lost its way as it got huge just like all other “Do No Evil” companies before it. Google isn’t special and it doesn’t look like it ever was, regardless of the lofty mottoes and intentions of its founders.

More overreach can be found here where Google basically admits to wanting to store your personal information so they can better organize your life.  I’ve got news for Google, this centralization of power information scares those of us who think decentralization of most everything is the way to go.  You may use it for good now but history teaches someone always comes along to use it for something bad.

CYA in Government Hurricane Predictions

Apparently, the people in charge of such things in the US Government are predicting a hurricane season with more than the average storms. Which of course is ridiculous since the science (if it could possibly be called that) is so inexact as to be silly. They also predicted a busier than usual season last year and you know where that got us (or if you don’t, you can probably figure out that if you don’t remember it, it probably wasn’t that bad).

The way I figure it, since 2005 (Katrina and Rita) hurricane forecasters have no choice in predicting the upcoming season as busy because if they don’t, they’ll look like idiots. When they predict a busy season and it doesn’t happen (see last year), everyone forgets. This way, they cover their asses and if the prediction turns out right, they can be vindicated.

Key graf:

    The year-to-year swings, experts say, show how difficult it can be to predict hurricane activity.

Really?  Then why in the name of all that is holy are we bothering to announce this stuff?  Oh yeah, because sensationalism in news sells these days.  As for me, I’m all for a busy hurricane season, it might mean more summer rain for my garden and I figure people who moved back to New Orleans after Katrina probably need another lesson from God or Gaia or whoever regarding where it is and is not ok to live.  A large bowl between a big lake and a bigger ocean typically doesn’t qualify.


I found these in our front bushes and K snapped this picture.  They belong to a local cardinal family and we happily await our new cardinalettes.



I was in Arkansas last week for a weekly trout fishing and golfing trip with my dad and an old friend.  We had a great time even though we didn’t catch nearly as many fish as last year.  We found a new course to play and stayed in a great cabin right on the river.  The picture below is the view from our balcony out onto the White River.  I don’t have any pictures of fish because I caught most of them.  It was very relaxing but I’m happy to be home at the same time.