Personal Responsibility Hits a New Low

Josh Hancock’s dad is suing the restaurant that served his son the alcohol before he got in the car and rear-ended a tow truck. He’s also suing the tow truck driver and the driver of the stalled truck the tow truck was helping. It’s important to note that Josh Hancock had a blood alcohol content almost twice the legal limit, he was driving without a seat belt while talking on his cell phone and they found marijuana in his car.

Forgive me if I find this apparent gold-digging disgusting. If I ever kill myself after ingesting alcohol for 3 hours and any member of my family tries to sue the people who facilitated me (not to mention the people unfortunate enough to be in my way while not wearing a seatbelt and talking on a cell phone with a joint), I swear I will come back and haunt you till your dying day. I am responsible for my own choices and if I choose to get smashed, drive fast with no seat belt on while I talk on a cell phone and smoke a joint, you can just say good riddance and thanks for cleaning out the gene pool.

When did it become ok to blame everyone else for your own (or your son’s own) stupidity?

In other “athletes are idiots” news, Clinton Portis said Michael Vick is getting railroaded (even though no charges have been filed) and that if he wanted to fight his dog on his property, it’s his business apparently neglecting the fact that it’s a damn felony. The NFL and the tastelessly named Washington Redskins immediately started issuing apologies. I’ve always maintained it helps to be stupid to achieve your potential in sports because it allows you to focus on only one thing. I just wish the athletes would stop proving me wrong.

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