Destroying Motivation

One meeting at a time.  It’s truly amazing how big companies just don’t seem to comprehend what makes developers happy.  Instead, they tend to go out of their way to make them unhappy.  My company is no different.  This list is a pretty good start on ways to make your programmers unhappy.

Around here, people get promoted to their highest level of incompetence and the really good developers get to do things like develop process (mmm process, it tastes good with Ranch) for the rest of the department or evaluate tools for the rest of the department.  None of which sounds particularly interesting or useful to my long-term career goals.

I fight through the overhead and some days, I really get good stuff done.  Most of the time though, I develop my exceptional talent at day-dreaming while looking interested.  At least, I think I look interested.

UPDATE: This post was written two years ago. I’m doing some cleanup on categorization so if it show up in your newsreader, that’s why.

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