God’s Prayer Response Technology

I’ve always wondered how God decided to answer prayers and what prayers had precedence over others.  I think I’ve finally figured it out.  God uses Microsoft Message Queuing for his prayer aggregation and his queue server went down last year, at least the queue server that took in prayers for rain in the DFW area.  God’s queue server came back up around May 15th and instead of having some nice error checking in there to see if the timeout has been exceeded, God (or his proxies, proxies tend to be dumb enough to do such things) is answering all the “Please let it rain in DFW” prayers from last year as the queue server catches up.

Nothing else can explain the fact that we’ve been getting rain every day for the past 3 weeks during a time period when we should be praying for rain.  God could really use a decent QA team and a bug tracking application.  Let this be a lesson to you: always set an explicit timeout on your queue messages prayers just in case the default is Timeout.Infinite.  God works in mysterious ways.

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