Random Brain Dump Post

It’s been 2 and a half weeks since I wrote anything and while I don’t think I have anything of note to note, I’d hate to get out of practice.  So this is a random brain dump post where I just write for a little bit about pretty much the most boring stuff in the world.

K and I went to my family reunion last weekend and I had fun while she suffered admirably.  Seriously, I think she mostly enjoys the family reunion especially now that they have a casino one exit away from the hotel.  I have fun hanging out with the family for the weekend and this year, the food was much better.

Softball is going well now that we aren’t stuck in the competitive league.  We’re 4-0 which makes playing much better than 0-4 though I tended to drink quite a bit more beer when we were losing.  That could be a pro or con depending on your views.

Pandora is losing a lot of weight but seems to still have energy so I think that’s ok.  I’m a little worried about her but she seems to be doing fine.

I built a new computer two weeks ago and I’m pretty pleased with the results.  That really should be a separate post but given my non-postyness, it warrants mention here.  It’s got an Intel Core Duo chip with a 320 GB hard drive and two 22-inch monitors.  That last part makes me happy just typing it.  40 inches of screen real-estate is fun to try and use.

That’s  it.

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