New Lows

The Democratic Party and have sunk to new lows in their race to the bottom.  The New York Times follows closely behind.  Our political process has become extreme and incapable of involving gray areas of discussion.  Both parties are at fault here.  But the Democrats and their hard left anti-war, pro-defeat base are clearly leading the charge.

To slander a 4 star general fresh from the conflict in Iraq as a liar and a betrayer is disgusting.  The Moveon ad features no proof, no links, no supporting evidence for its disgusting assertion of “facts”.  However, multiple reports from people in Iraq show that the surge truly is working and no amount of crap from the far left can change that.  And the American people, showing yet again that they are smarter than the liberal elites would ever give them credit for, are getting it.

The Democrats have painted themselves into a corner where defeat is the only way to continue winning.  It’s a disgusting position to find yourself in but when you actively participated in the events that got you there, sympathy is hard to find.  I predicted that the Dems would sweep into power in 06 only to screw themselves so badly with foreign policy bumbles and be swept right back out in 08.  I think that’s still a pretty safe bet given the acts of the past few days.

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