Great News For The NBA

David Stern has reinstated the worst ref in history.  Oh wait, no that’s really not very good news, is it now?  Why in the world you’d reinstate an employee who basically tried to pick a fight with another employee is beyond me.  After the whole “NBA Ref Shaves Points For the Mob” fiasco, I’d think Stern would want to keep as clean a public image as possible.  Instead, Hey Joey Crawford, here’s your whistle back.   Thanks for being suspended over the summer during all those summer league games.

I swear to god, the NBA seems to have a death wish.  It’s painful to watch games, it may be that those games are fixed and on top of that, they are reinstating refs that pick fights with players and try wholeheartedly to inject themselves and their astoundingly large egos into every game.  Only football gets me through the first 4 months of NBA season and it’s cold and dark after that.

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