I’m a firm believer in the fact that comments on web sites typically drag the conversation down to the lowest common denominator but occasionally, you find a comment that is insightful.  I found one of those on reddit the other day and I thought it was worth mentioning:  “People who carry cellphones remind me of dogs who proudly carry their leash around in their mouths.”

Now being both a cellphone carrier and a dog-owner, this strikes me on both sides but there is a certain amount of truth to the matter when you think how proud a dog is when he gets to put his leash in his mouth, never understanding the deeper significance that he is showing off his submission and lack of control.  To a large degree (and mostly I’m talking about those idiots with the ear dongle cellphones), people with cell phones are just like that, largely missing out on the greater irony of being proud of something that is controlling their lives.  Like many other things, this makes me want to throw my cell phone in the trash.  Either that or give it to the dog.

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