A Dive Into The Abyss

So, as it turns out, my bitching about my self-review was unnecessary. Monday, October 22nd, I quit my job. I actually almost did it the Friday before but wanted to make sure I wasn’t making a rash decision (as if detesting each minute you spent at work for the past 4 months could ever be considered rash). My ex-company typically takes your two week notice and then walks you out the door as a security precaution while still paying you for that two weeks. However, because I had been employed there for well over 7 years, they kept me around both to pick my brain for two straight days and to give me the chance to leave on my own terms.

So, my last day was this past Wednesday. I don’t have a job, don’t have plans for getting a job soon and couldn’t be happier with that decision right now. Yesterday was hangover recovery day from the last day party after work and today I’ve just been running errands and working in the yard. Starting Monday, I’m going to begin work on some projects here at home, getting my coding chops back into place and learning some new technologies.

The plan right now is to take 6-12 weeks off and see what I can develop at home. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll find a job in December-ish. I’m thinking about starting up a blog just for chronicling my journey but not sure if I really need ANOTHER blog. In the meantime, I’ll post updates here semi-frequently about the journey.

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