Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

Leaving the silly cliche aside (have you ever thought about where that money might have been, Mister? ), I just donated to a political candidate for the first time in my life. On top of that, I donated for what can only be considered a long shot. I did it because I believe that of the political options for the next Presidential Election, only one is a true conservative. Getting a true conservative, one that understands federalism and wants to return the country to a point nearer our political ancestors is very important in my opinion. So I’m taking a chance on throwing away $50 on Fred Thompson.

I think his voice needs to be heard in this election and so I donated to help get a commercial run in Iowa, the first primary state and the one that will determine to a large degree what candidates we as Americans will get to choose from on Election Day. Realistically, I think if Fred finishes in third in Iowa, he will have a great chance. Huckabee is a scary candidate and Romney seems to be a flip-flopper to rival Kerry. Guiliani certainly isn’t a conservative in any classical sense and McCain, well I just don’t trust him after the whole Campaign Finance reform crap.

Even if you’re not conservative, Fred Thompson would help to elevate the current level of political discourse in this country and I think that should be a goal for everyone who takes our leaders seriously. Think about donating to Fred’s campaign if you can afford a few dollars.

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