New Toys

I’m writing this post from my new Dell Inspiron 1720 that I got for my new gig with Improving. It’s a pretty sweet machine, not exactly a Macbook Pro but it’s still pretty cool. I didn’t get all the bells and whistles but it’s pretty close. It’s got 17 inch screen which isn’t something I’ve had on a laptop and it kicks ass. I’m going to probably get a docking station for it so that I can plug an ergonomic keyboard into it.

I’m not sure if I’m going to bother installing much on it currently because I may upgrade to either XP (really, it’s an upgrade) or Vista Ultra Premium (seriously, Microsoft, why the fuck are there 15 versions of Vista) just to try it. I don’t want to go to the trouble of putting a ton of software on here only to blow it away in a week or something. But if I don’t install anything, the machine is just a fancy toy for surfing the Interweb.

I seriously toyed with getting a Macbook Pro (several of the guys at work are doing .Net development on Macs which is what tempted me) but in the end, I couldn’t justify the $1600 difference in price tags. I’ll probably regret that in a couple of months but oh well. Overall, right now, I have a new toy and I’m dying to play with.

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