I Really DON’T Need All That Information

So some of you will remember that I made some Lenten commitments and here’s the point where I update you since I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting all my amazing self-discovery. Right. Anyway, I do feel like jotting down a little bit about the experience. We’ll start with the success first. For 40 days and 40 nights, I didn’t surf the web. It was damn hard. I never really go used to not reading ESPN or DallasNews.com or whatever. But I did it. I wasn’t completely off the wire since I can hardly do my job without talking to God daily but I wasted no time on mindless surfing.

What did I learn from that? That I really don’t need all that information. Monday night, I went on dallasnews.com and there were two stories about murder, one about a crooked politician and just a bunch of junk. It dawned on me at that moment that I really don’t need that stuff. I don’t remember any of it, it’s completely wasted time and it absolutely saps my focus, attention and energy. So I’m mostly sticking with it. I went through Newsgator tonight (after we set up a large chunk of this weekend’s garage sale-come buy stuff!!) and while there is definitely some quality there, there’s also a bunch of stuff I just don’t need to bother with. Scott Berkun was right, you just don’t need all that stuff and it’s making your life quality much, much lower. The things that are important are things that require complete and total undivided attention. Everything else is fluff and wasted time. I think K and I had more dinners together during those 40 days than the 80 days before that. We took up tennis (well “took up” is a tad strong but we’ve been twice in 3 weeks so that should certainly be considered a habit, given the participants) and I think we talked more about important things (though still not nearly as much as she would like, I am a guy after all).

So that’s the success. The failure is my meditation habit. I did it for about 10 days and then completely dropped it. I’m sad about that, I was starting to get somewhere with it and then it just went away. I’m trying to do shorter meditations more often but I miss the 20 minutes. I’m still trying to do it but it’s certainly not a daily habit.

Overall, I’m happy with how Lent worked out this year. I’m writing more, thinking more clearly which may or may not be reflected in my writing and I have more time for the important things. God must be happy with me.

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  1. I’m sure God is happy with you. As you say in your first paragraph, you never forsaked it. (forsooked?)

  2. I’m sure God is happy with you. As you say in your first paragraph, you never forsaked it. (forsooked?)

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