So yeah. Quiet ’round these parts lately. I don’t really have an explanation for that. Well, I was on vacation. And we have a major backyard project that is underway and has to be complete by this weekend. Oh and I have a mad case of poison ivy that basically makes me cranky around the clock. But really, no explanation for the bucolic nature of this blog of late. It’s not like I don’t have ideas for writing stuff. It just never happens. Can’t really write in the morning since, well, since I have to get up at 5:holyshititsreallyearlyandidonotwanttogotowork45 to get to work and miss traffic because if I get stuck on the PGBT in a traffic jam again, people are probably going to die or my head will explode which is really a subset of the first. When I get home, hell, I don’t know where that time goes but lately it’s gone to the aforementioned backyard project.

So not much writing going on. I also stop writing when I’m not drinking as much and lately, I’ve been giving that a try to see how it affects my sleep habits. Aside from tonight, that’s been a success. I did upgrade wordpress and the new dashboard kicks ass. It always amazes me how easy it is to upgrade wordpress. I love it. What a phenomenal piece of software.

Also, there are things I probably think I want to write but that aren’t particularly suitable for a public audience. So when I feel like I can’t write everything, I tend to not write anything. Have I mentioned how horrible poison ivy is? Yeah. Bad stuff.

Do you know how hard it is to do open heart surgery? Damn hard I bet. I wouldn’t know because I’m not an open heart surgeon but I just bet it’s hard. Do you think you’d ever see an open heart surgeon working on a patient while a 5 piece rock band played in the corner? No, probably not. Open heart surgery is hard enough without making it more difficult by having David Lee Roth jumping around (JUMP!!) and Eddie Van Halen doing random riffs (Hey David, get the hell out, we’re bringing Sammy back). If you were the patient, would you ever pay for open heart surgery but tell the surgeon that he had to do the surgery in the third ring of the three ring circus while the lion tamer tamed lions in one of the other rings and the clowns did their act over in the other ring? No probably not because it would be senseless to pay an open heart surgeon a shit load of money to save your life and then make his job even harder by throwing 14 different distractions at him while he cut on your heart. Who would do that? Not me. Seems illogical. Totally bassackwards. If I’m going to give someone a shitload (in the vernacular of course) of money to do something, I want to make sure he (or quite possibly she) has the best chance of succeeding possible. I’m just saying.

Well, that’s really it for now. I have grand dreams of writing more but eh, I have lots of grand dreams and most of them just don’t really pan out. So here’s something to wet your whistle, so to speak.

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