More Than You Care To Know

Internet chain letters make me a tad queasy, mostly because what if they’re right and I don’t participate and then I die in a terrible combine accident on the way home from the doctor where he told me I’m going to have webbed feet? Still, no one ever links to my little corner of boredom so I figure I’d have to be downright rude (and the only time I’m rude is when I’m in the car yelling at all the other idiots-see you’re learning stuff as we speak) to turn down David. So if you’re here for the witty commentary this morning, well, the world is full of disappointment.

What I was Doing Ten Years Ago
I was living in Fort Worth, teaching for The Princeton Review and waiting tables at Macaroni Grill. I was on about day 20 of 96 days straight without a day off (two jobs will do that to you). I had pretty much given up on grad school and grad school had pretty much given up on me. I was having a blast with all my smart, new alcoholic friends at TPR though. Good times. If my liver had a blog and opposable thumbs, it might write otherwise but luckily, it doesn’t.

Five Snacks I Enjoy
In no particular order, turkey jerky (which is fun to say), Oreos, thin mints, Ben & Jerry’s Everything But The. . . and cherries.

Five Things On My To-do List Today
1. Grocery Shop
2. Get the oil changed in the car.
3. Pick up the dry cleaning.
4. Pick beans, squash, peppers and tomatoes from the garden.
5. Work on French and F#.

Five Favorite Recipes
1. Sushi
2. Smoked pork shoulder
3. Sushi
4. Scotch on the rocks
5. Did I say sushi?

Five Jobs I’ve Had
1. Software developer
2. Test prep teacher
3. Waiter
4. Telemarket researcher (the worst)
5. Country club gopher

Five Bad Habits
1. Not following through.
2. Discipline (which is probably the same thing).
3. Not eating what I grow.
4. Leaving dirty Kleenexes by the bed (hey, you tuned in to learn about me, don’t blame me for TMI).
5. Not focusing on the things that are important.

All The Places I’ve Lived

1. Amarillo, Texas
2. Canyon, Texas
3. Fort Worth, Texas
4. Dallas, Texas
5. Wylie, Texas

Five Random Things (About me? Who knows)
1. I ran a marathon in 2003.
2. I once spent a week in Cancun with a girl I’d never met except online.
3. When your dog eats a pound of organic blood meal fertilizer, it’s best to not let him inside. This is more friendly advice than random fact.
4. My mom is convinced that when they had me tested in like the second grade, the results said I was really smart. I’m convinced I cheated.
5. I spend time thinking about how to survive a plane crash.
6. I have a hard time with diarrhea of the blog.

Five Six People I’m Tagging
At the risk of rising their ire, Scott (he’ll be thrilled, really he will), Jef and Todd (their blog has been painfully quiet lately, might as well), Katy (I’m pretty sure she tortured me with one of these once), Gary (because his blog looks almost as lonely as mine does) and this random guy I just googled (Cuz it sounds funny and his life really sounds like it could use the distraction).

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