Nothing To See Here, Move Along

Things have been slow around The Experiment lately even though my traffic numbers are still showing a pretty healthy after-effect of getting linked to by Jay Fields last week. Part of the slowness comes from having been out of town at a golf tournament last week which ended poorly. Other causes of the silence are other projects like learning enough French to not be a complete tool next month and rewriting some code at home (hopefully more on that later).

I think the greatest contributor though is that I’ve beem feeling like Eeyore a lot lately. No, the feeling doesn’t entail me thinking I’m a droopy eyed, drunken-looking jackass though in my college years, I could be found in my local pub playing that role any given day ending in “y”. In this case though, I’m talking more about the pessimisstic, old depressed donkey living in the Eeyore’s Gloomy Place. Now, it’s not that bad really but there’s definitely a general sense of malaise in my circle of existence lately. The stupid part of it is that I know what’s causing it and am putting off doing any thing about it. But I’m growing quickly tired of feeling like Eeyore.

In other news, football season is almost here. I’m starting to ramp up some of my football-related activities though they are going slowly. Luckily for me, K is an Olympic fanatic and will probably be watching the 500 hours of programming she has on the DVR this weekend so I’ll get to play catch up. I’ve got several projects that are in varying states of work and they could use some dedicated time. On top of that, I commission two fantasy leagues and run a separate weekly office pool so this is busy season for me. I’d love to play in a league that I don’t commission just so I could see if it’s as fun as people say it is.

That’s really it from around here. I’ll try to have other more interesting, less whiny things to say sometime soon.

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