Accomplishing Things

My grandmother, for as long as I can remember, has entered many things in the Beaver, Oklahoma fair every year. She enter quilts and jelly and tomatoes and just about anything that she can make or grow on the farm. Quite often she wins several ribbons especially for her jellies and quilts. Now, you’d think the competition in Beaver, OK wouldn’t be particularly fierce but when you factor in all the outlying areas and all the other grandmothers who quilt and make jellies and grow tomatoes, it seems like a pretty nice accomplishment.

Apparently, it runs in the family. I entered two pictures in the Texas State Fair this year and the judging results came in today. My favorite picture was summarily taken out back and shot but picture number two came in second place in its category. If you’re going to be at the State Fair this year, stop by the Creative Arts Hall and check it out.

This has been a test of the self promotion network. Had this been a real self promotion, you would have been warned at the beginning of the post with instructions on how you should proceed to avoid the self promotion. This test is now concluded.

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