How To Write Sensational Headlines 101

Here are the facts: Based on two recent studies, sea levels will rise between 27 inches and 6.6 feet by the end of the century.

Which one of the following headlines do you think is written by a screaming alarmist eco-terrorist and which one is written by a level headed editor?

Sea Level Rise May Be Twice More Than Expected

Experts offer scaled-back sea level rise forecast

Nope, no one with an agenda works in the media. Especially no one at the Discovery Channel. Michael Reilly is a hack if he really thinks he can take one study that he’s quoting from, portray it as “expected” and then take a second study and use it to say sensationalist shit like “Goodbye Kiribati, the Maldives and much of the Netherlands. Farewell to low-lying cities. See you beneath the sea.” Seriously, is this what accounts for scientific reporting at the Discovery Channel? Ack.

Edward Murrow must be doing grave gainers.

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