First Turn

Turned the brisket at 9:30, about 15 minutes late but I was on the phone with my parents. Didn’t get the mop started until just now so it will be another 30 minutes before I get it mopped. Also had a little episode where my timer wasn’t on and the temp got up to 318 but it’s back down to 240 and reasonably steady at this point.

BBQ isn’t difficult but it does take patience and a little bit of foresight to make it work correctly. Brisket is the hardest meat I think to smoke and I’m hoping this one is a little forgiving of my lack of attention. Next turn will be at 10:30 so we’ll see then.

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  1. I totally can’t wait to eat some of this tasty tasty smoked meat tomorrow. I heard that you are making your special BBQ sauce too?!

  2. For you, of course.

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