Drinking And Thinking (In That Order)

Have you ever done something stupid after drinking 3 or 8 beers? Me neither. Most of my decisions that result from 3 or 8 beers are exceptionally insightful, often times witty as well, and result in me showing off how awesome I can dance. For example, I’m pretty sure I decided to run a marathon after a night of drinking. I’m sure that if you know me, you can think of many other great decisions I made after drinking.

All this leads up to the fact that since no one has ever stopped me from making excellent decisions while drinking, I decided to write a novel in the month of November last night. Yes, I know that this seems like a dumb thing to do when you first look at it but I’m sure that after 30 days of writing at least 1667 words per day on a novel with no current plot, characters or anything else really, it will seem like a really smart thing to do. I hope. But I do have a badge (see cool badge in the left hand sidebar.)

Anyway, the point being, I’m telling God and creation that I’m writing a novel in the month of November. I have no idea what it’s about yet and in the spirit of the horrible student that I’ve always been, I’m not even going to start on it until November 2nd! How daring is that? Wish me luck. Or send me a bottle of scotch. I’ll probably need both.

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  1. How’s that coming?

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