Bailout FAIL

So let me get this straight. Given how well the past 5 or 6 bailouts have worked, our government has come up with a new one that will “bolster consumer financing“. The theory (horrible though it is) is that by giving lots of money to banks, they will make financing and credit available to consumers so that they can borrow more money (even though the average consumer is up his testicles in debt) to spend while the bank then charges an exorbitant interest rate in the meantime. I have 5 words to sum this theory up.


Understand, the money that our government would give to the banks that can’t keep their balance sheets clean is OUR MONEY TO BEGIN WITH! It’s taxpayer money. We gave (and I use the term “gave” rather pejoratively) that money to the government and now they want to give it to Citibank so that they can loan our own damn money back to us at 16% interest. How can the US consumer and citizen not see through this? Why aren’t we rioting at the gates? Have we become so immune to this kind of horrible representation that we just don’t care anymore?

God, this crap is starting to infuriate me. I try to be measured and reasonable but seriously, when my own government tries to loan me my own money through an intermediary who charges me loan shark type interest, I lose all sense of measure and reason. Fucking assholes. Give me my money back directly and dispense with the bailout crap. WTF. Idiots. We are being governed by idiots who are taking pails of shit from the financial pig pen, throwing it at the wall and trying to see what sticks while interpreting the Shit Rorschach to determine what pail to try next. Idiots.

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