More Short Change

So for a guy who won the Presidential election based on a platform of change, Obama is starting to look less and less, well changey. He’s got an economic team made up of insiders and Clintonites, Hilary Clinton is Secretary of State and now we hear that he’s named Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense. Ahem. For those of you playing along at home, Robert Gates is CURRENTLY Secretary of Defense. Which means he was appointed by George Bush for that position.

I bet all those lefties who screamed for change and a return to the America the world used to love are starting to wonder if they can get their votes back. Unfortunately, votes for Obama have a strict no-refund policy.

As it turns out, in the history of the position, no Secretary of Defense has EVER been held over on a new elected president of a different party. Maybe that’s the change Obama was talking about.

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