Cognitive Dissonance

By now, I would imagine that most people around the country who are tuned into news at all have heard about the 100-0 butt kicking that the Covenant School of Dallas’ girls basketball team put on Dallas Academy last week. Now, Covenant fired their coach over the affair which I find to be the most ridiculous, asinine thing they could have done. Instead of standing by their coach and team, they are groveling before the public, making an already awkward situation worse. Apparently, they even apologized for winning the game:

“It is shameful and an embarrassment that this happened. This clearly does not reflect a Christlike and honorable approach to competition,” said the statement, signed by Kyle Queal, head of school, and board chair Todd Doshier.

Unfortunately, these two fellows don’t seem to understand that a Christlike approach to competition is an oxymoron. Christ said “Turn the other cheek” not beat the other team into submission. The two concepts just don’t jive. The point of competition is to play hard and win. Competition isn’t about making both teams feel OK about their self-worth, it’s not about spreading a Christlike attitude, it’s not about giving everyone the opportunity to contribute. Competition is about two things: playing hard and winning.

On the other side of this story, we have Dallas academy and their idiotic administration. If you field a team that can’t win a damn basketball game in 4 years and you can’t manage to even score a single point in a full game, you shouldn’t be playing at that level, if at all. Sorry, but this is the state we’ve come to today where people seem to think that everyone deserves an opportunity. Guess what, not everyone deserves to play varsity basketball. This quote from the Dallas Academy coach in the Dallas Morning News is telling:

“Most of these girls would never play on any other school in the state,” he said. “But they can say they were high school varsity players here. And they can say it with a sense of achievement.”

What sense of achievement can they get from losing every game for 4 straight years? The achievement of becoming really good losers? What good could come of this, of fielding a team for 4 seasons that regularly doesn’t score double digit points? There is nothing in human rights that says everyone has the right to do whatever they want, even if they are terrible at it. If you want to give girls who can’t possibly play basketball on any other team in the entire state the chance to play basketball then you fully deserve any result that might occur including getting beaten 100-0. You have no right to expect the other team to be a part of your complicity in doing something stupid.

As much or more blame for this entire fiasco falls on Dallas Academy and its administration. They are the ones who should be fired for being so boneheaded as to not see a result like this. They insisted on fielding a sham of a team and insisted on playing superior opponents. This result was practically a foregone conclusion at some point. Yet, they will receive no condemnation for it as we live in a world where the winners are often punished far more severely than the losers.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. It’s an absolute joke that everyone decided to vilify Covenant and offer support to Dallas Academy. Have we really gotten that bad that we can’t allow children…(hell practically adults in this day and age)…to learn a lesson from getting their arse whipped? In my brief tenure at the local school district a few years back, I was shocked to see how the children are coddled now. I had seen news stories but seeing it with my own two eyes was shocking…teachers can’t even use red ink to grade papers anymore because it might traumatize the kids. The coach of Covenant did nothing wrong IMO and his firing is an absolute joke. I never thought handing out a solid defeat would cost any coach their job. If you look at the bracket score Covenant only scored 12 points in the fourth quarter…that’s hardly running it up. If anyone is at fault it would be the league for not having a mercy rule…oh wait that might embarass the kids…better stop keeping score…let’s start awarding different color stars for baskets made, and while we’re at it each team starts with 20 red (oops) I mean silver stars at the beginning of each game.

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