First Month Resolution Update

So it doesn’t make much sense to me to make resolutions for the year and then promptly forget about them until December. With that in mind, I’m going to do monthly updates on my resolutions. Overall, the first month wasn’t bad. I’m pretty behind on the 52 letters with only 1 written so far. I haven’t started playing the sax again because I haven’t decided I want to drop the cash on a new one. My exercise has been pretty consistent so I’m definitely making progress on the two CrossFit goals.

I played golf 3 times in January so I’m ahead of the game there and I finished the first book of the year, Caen Anvil of Victory which I highly recommend if you are into military history. It’s a great account of the British battle for Caen after D-Day while the Americans moved towards Brittany. It’s a little difficult to read because it’s from the British perspective and so I’m not as familiar with many of the terms but overall, it’s a good book.

I haven’t been writing any Python lately, much less anything resembling a useful application but I think that will start up soon enough.

Overall, I’m happy with the progress so far. Hopefully, I’ll continue to be focused on achieving the resolutions.

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