Why Can Just Anyone Have 14 Babies

Look, I know we need to err on the side of caution in most fertility cases but I think it’s clear to any rational human being that this woman is mentally deranged and shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. On top of that, her idiot fertility doctor should be disbarred, tarred and feathered and then run out of town on a rail. The people of California (who I usually have zero sympathy for) should not have to pay for mentally deranged people to have 14 kids. I read in the paper on Saturday that the 8 kids she just had are likely to cost the taxpayers at least $1 million and that’s assuming everything goes well which it never does for premature babies.

Her family is bankrupt, she’s on food stamps and SSI (which are welfare, whether she has the limited mental capacity to understand that or not) and now she has 14 kids who at best are liable to have serious difficulties in life.

Idiot. Why I have to have a license to drive while this moron can have 14 kids that taxpayers will have to pay for is beyond my limited comprehension. And how in all that is holy does she have a publicist? Good god. This woman is going to end up “writing” a book and make millions while average people struggle from day to day just to make ends meet because they aren’t sociopaths. Society is doomed, long live society. Gah.

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  1. But, if she does write a book, and make millions, then the tax payer does not have to pay for her.. Cache 22..

  2. Not necessarily. If she makes millions, she should have to pay back the millions to the taxpayers of California who essentially raised her children, at least from a monetary standpoint. At least if there was any decency in the world, she would.

    The real problem I see here is that if she does write a book and get rich, this will be treated as The American Dream working out when instead it’s a sociopath doing little or no work to gain fame and fortune. Sad commentary on something, though I have little idea on what.

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