Taxes Are For The Little People

Seriously, do none of these people pay taxes? If this many of Bush’s appointees would have had tax problems, the media would have been in a damn uproar. And don’t think for one minute that if you or I screwed up 3 years of our taxes, that we’d just get to file amended returns and pay the difference.

This is a disgrace. We are being ruled by people who haven’t done anything other than run an election campaign. Not a damn one of them seems to know how to, you know, LEAD. I am losing the ability to be mad because it’s happening so much. Maybe that’s their plan.

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  1. You know, this could work in our favor. If Obama nominates enough beltway insiders to cabinet positions, they could eventually pay off enough back taxes to cover the national debt.

  2. I actually read something today that suggested Obama should nominate everyone in America to his cabinet. That way, we could collect ALL the back taxes and pay down the deficit. I’d like to be Director of the Department of Scotch, Porn and Indian (from India) Affairs.

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