Rain Barrel Update

Well we had a little storm roll through Wylie this morning and there is good news and bad news. The good news is that 3/10ths of an inch of rain translated into about 40ish gallons of rainwater in the collection system. That tells me we don’t have nearly enough collection capacity but for now, I’m happy. The bad news of course is that there’s a leak in the spigot. When we first installed it, we (I really but if everyone is taking credit for the success I guess everyone can take credit for the failure) didn’t screw the spigot into the PVC. When I tried to do that Sunday, the sealant broke. I applied more but it takes 7 days to cure. Apparently, 2 days is not the same as 7 days. Who knew.

So right now the system is disengaged, I have reapplied sealant, tipped the barrel back so that there’s no water pressure on the seal and I’m hoping for the best. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to rain some over the next few days so I’m off to research other possible seals that might not take 7 days.

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