Have A Big Heap Of Reading Material

The American Scene is my newest obsession in the blogosphere. It’s a group blog that has a wide array of writers from different perspectives, backgrounds and political bents. It covers topics from torture to bailouts to why X3 wasn’t nearly as bad as Wolverine. The writers are quite good, their posts are well-thought out and persuasive, even if you don’t ascribe to the particular viewpoint and that have reasonably sane commenters.

The biggest problem is that because it is a group blog (27 authors may be a bit much but then, the topic they are focused on may require 27 to cover), the number of entries are many and none are particularly easy reading. I have a hard time keeping up with just that one subscription in Google Reader, at the expense of many other fine blogs.

If you’re interested in anything that might be happening on the American scene, it’s worth keeping an eye on that blog. So far, I’ve been quite impressed with the content there.

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