Resolutions Month Five

It’s been several months since we’ve had an update on our ill-fated New Year’s resolutions here at The Experiment and since we’re rapidly approaching the mid point of the year, it seems like as good a time as any to get caught up. As always, there is good news and bad news. Since I’m a pessimist cynic realist, let’s start with the good and end with the bad.

Good: In our pursuit of the finer side of life, we are on track to play golf more than 26 times. Why just this weekend, we played it 3 times in a futile attempt to win money in a tournament. We are far enough ahead on this resolution to consider it a success. Now if we could only say the playing had made us better, it would be a win. CrossFit continues and while the last couple of weeks has been CrossFit FAIL, overall I think I’m making progress. I’m signed up to attend a Level I certification in Allen in September which I’m excited about. I also managed to find a sax that I both wanted and could afford. I have been practicing it some though again, the last two weeks have been general FAIL when it comes to self improvement. It’s a Selmer Super Action 80 tenor and is in pretty good shape. I’m having fun with it though I’m certainly rusty.

As for the bad, letter writing has stopped completely, book reading is in a terrible death march and writing code at home in Python has been searching Michigan online phone books for a Dr Kevorkian, J. Of the three, book reading is the one I’d like to get caught up on but somewhere, my life seems to get in the way though I have no evidence of such life existing in any great and gory detail. I did get Barry Hannah’s Geronimo Rex and it’s quite good. It doesn’t have Cormac McCarthy’s density of prose but Hannah tells a damn good story. It’s a little crazy but then, most Southern Gothic is. I continue to be fascinated by Southern writers and if I could manage to find time in my day, I’d read more of them.

Overall, my resolution list is hit and miss which I’d say is infinitely better than most resolution lists 5 months in. I’m not sure I feel greatly improved but give me another month or so and we’ll see where things stand.

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