Intial TFS and CI Thoughts

So I’m taking a deep dive into TFS and continuous integration which is kind of like eating 5 orders of Pintos ‘N Cheese from Taco Bell, going home, drinking a glass of Metamucil, stuffing one end of the garden hose up your ass and the other up one nostril and then practicing Kundalini yoga by breathing in one nostril and out the other in an attempt to not asphyxiate on your own methane, i.e. it’s going to lead to learning and self-enlightenment but it’s going to get messy in the process. I digress.

So far, as much as it pains me to admit it (and trust me, to utter even one little positive thing about a Microsoft source control product at this point is pretty painful) it’s been a reasonably easy process. If source control and code is going to be tightly integrated, they might as well make an automatic build process that does all the work for you and to a certain degree, TFS does this. It’s pretty easy to get a basic CI process up and running, much easier than the similar CruiseControl.Net implementation would be since with TFS, you don’t have to write any gawdawful XML configuration file by hand.

There have been several hiccups but none of those are directly attributable to TFS. So here’s to you, TFS. By having tightly integrated projects, solutions and source control, you’ve managed to make continuous integration mostly unpainful.

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