One Time Setup For WCF and Virtual Directories On Vista

This is mostly for my own reference but maybe someone will run across it and it will keep them from having to reinstall IIS like I just had to.

Step 1: Follow steps 1-5 here paying specific attention to the link in step 2. In step 5, I only did port 80 since I’m not interested in the samples specifically. I actually have no idea if this is necessary or not but since it’s currently working, who am I to look a gift horse in the choppers?

Step 2: Follow the steps here for manually setting up a virtual directory. On the security portions for IIS 7, do steps 1-3, skip 4-9 and just type IIS_USRS in the name field and then do steps 10 and 11.

That should work. I was careful to not do any extraneous freelancing and followed the articles pretty well and my services are up and running.

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