From The I’m A Moron Files

If you are going to implement the INotifyPropertyChanged event in your ViewModel (or anywhere for that matter) so that you can bind to the property in XAML, it’s important to actually change the property before raising the PropertyChanged event. If you are crazy like I am, you’ll raise the event before you set the property and then spend 2 hours wondering why all your other properties correctly update the page but this new property does not.

Eventually, like one of those stupid pictures you have to stare at for 76 minutes before the killer whale eating the baby seal becomes apparent (What, you saw a cute puppy dog? Oh, my bad), you’ll notice that raising the event first is never going to give you the results you want. So if you are having trouble with your properties getting updated, check the order of your notification. It’s important.

That is all. We will now return to our normally scheduled programming.

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