Google and Internet Explorer

Yesterday, the Gmail guys announced an improvement to Gmail related to popping windows out which makes multitasking easier. This is a pretty cool feature, one I think I subconsciously knew existed but never used. I run into this all the time when I’m writing a new message. Typically, I have to add more recipients but I can’t remember their emails and the autocomplete isn’t helping. Also, I search my email a lot while writing a new message and before I’ve always had to save to draft, go search, then go back to the draft. PITA. So this feature is muy cool. The whole reason for the post is that they have sped up the new window creation considerably. This is also muy cool.

What does this have to do with Internet Explorer? From the post:

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make this work in Internet Explorer, so to see the speed-up, you’ll need to be using Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, or Google Chrome.

Not to go all conspiracy theorist on your ass but how hard do you think they really tried? Can’t you just see the engineers sitting around the conference table discussing this when Bob says “Wouldn’t it be cool if we just didn’t implement this for IE?” I just find it hard to believe that the geniuses at Google couldn’t come up with a way to make this work in IE. Maybe there really are some technological limitations that my puny brain can’t possibly handle but it’s a way better story if they just didn’t bother to try. Not that I’m complaining, I’d barely use IE if it was the last browser on earth after a nuclear holocaust.

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