The World Is A Safer Place Today

The City of Dallas conducted a gun buyback and 147 hardened criminals turned in their guns. Hardened criminals like Gary Reed who exchanged his guns because he was tired of killing people “of his Christian faith.” His church had been asking him to do more so he turned his guns in. Though it looks to me like he really did it to get $150 worth of grocery cards that he could give away to strangers. Which is admirable. If he doesn’t need the guns, might as well get the taxpayers of Dallas to give him $150 he can donate.

Of course, the real reason for things this stupid is for self-serving politicians to make it seem like they are doing something.

Although many of the guns turned in were generations-old rifles and shotguns, a few of the guns more typically used in crimes — handguns, specifically — were among those collected.

“This shows that people will be behind a positive activity,” said Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, who spearheaded the event at Reunion Arena. “Some of those guns are ones our officers are up against.”

Certainly, this was a positive activity but not the one Mr. Caraway thinks it was. Giving away money in exchange for items people don’t need is positive. Thinking a gun buyback is going to target the types of guns in the hands of people who use them for crime is dumb. None of the guns “are ones our officers are up against.” Images of guns marching down the street to attack officers notwithstanding, these may have been guns of a certain category that get used in crimes but they certainly weren’t turned in by people looking to commit crimes.

Of course, Caraway knows that and throws up the usual tripe about guns getting stolen and/or the terror of kids being around guns:

Caraway said that although the guns collected might not have been used in crimes, that wasn’t the point of the buyback. Some of the weapons could have been stolen later and used in crimes, he said. Others might have laid around homes, where children could have played with them.

“Some of these guns are very dangerous,” Caraway said. “It takes only one gun, one shot to destroy a family.”

All guns are dangerous when handled by idiots. So are knives and rat poison and cars. But we’d never do a car buyback.

All this in a time when cities are in financial trouble. The city of Dallas spent $7350 worth of taxpayer money on a misguided attempt to get some politicians name in the paper. Glad it wasn’t any of my money.

Definition Of Cache

Look, Plaxico Burress is a bloody idiot. Let’s get that out of the way right now. If you don’t know who he is, no worries, just know that he’s a football player who shot himself in the leg. Further proof of his below-average IQ is that he makes somewhere between a zillion and an assload of money and yet he didn’t pay his auto insurance premiums and thus had his policy canceled. Dumb, right?

OK, glad we got that out of the way. My problem is the idiotic media reporting of any incident that involves celebrities/athletes and guns. To wit, this ESPN story about Plax getting his house raided by the New Jersey police detailing the seizure of a “small cache of weapons and ammunition”. That sounds like he was hoarding guns getting ready for the apocalypse. Read a little farther into the story and you find out that they found 1 rifle, 1 pistol and ammunition that didn’t fit either weapon. Ahem. 2 guns and some ammo that don’t fit any guns in the house is not a cache. I have more guns than that in the spare bedroom, much less the house and I don’t have a cache. The media has to sensationalize anything related to celebrities/athletes and they make any story involving guns even worse.

Being stupid doesn’t relieve you of your 2nd Amendment rights. Of course, living in New Jersey does though that is pretty much voluntary. I find it hard to believe that owning unregistered guns even in New Jersey is illegal but then I suppose nothing should be surprising about New Jersey which has to be the armpit of America.

Let’s not forget that Sean Taylor was murdered last year in his home by thugs who knew where he lived and had broken in to steal from him. Professional athletes have good reason to be afraid for their safety. I have no problem with any of them carrying or owning guns. I just wish they weren’t represented so poorly by an idiot who shoots him self in the leg with his Glock and then gets his home searched 3 weeks later and still has guns around. Moron.