JsTestDriver First Impressions

I’m currently trying to get some unit tests written around a bunch of JavaScript code and I’m using JsTestDriver to do it. So far, I’m pretty impressed though there are some little gotchas here and there. It’s been a really good framework for basic testing assuming you aren’t doing a ton of work with other libraries like Prototype.js and script.aculo.us which of course I am. I’m sure there are ways around it but it’s going to take some digging to figure out what they are.

One minor thing that has been different for me from the documentation is that when I try to run tests, I need to specify the server explicitly on the command line even though I have a server running and a browser captured. The documentation says you can do this:

java -jar JsTestDriver.jar --tests all


However, I’ve found that I need to do:

java -jar JsTestDriver.jar --tests all --server http://localhost:9876

Where the server value may be different according to what server you started up.

Now I’m off to figure out how I can mock some of the Prototype.js dependencies.